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Oct. 31st, 2015

Spent Halloween in a cave called Cemetery Pit. The first part is a 150-foot rappel down into the cave proper. The last part is a 150-foot ascent.

I am so tired, y'all. And I have at least a dozen bruises. But I had a good time.

New Year's Resolutions 2015

Okay, so I made some New Year's resolutions for 2015. Actually I made them sometime in the first week of January, but they've been somewhat in flux. Both the resolutions themselves, and my plan for approaching them. (I mean, you've got to have a plan. Otherwise how are you going to get from Point A to Point B?)

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It's pretty ambitious. But I've managed one resolution for a whole month already, and that kind of gives me a little bit of encouragement. And I think approaching each of these in terms of small daily changes is the right way to go about it.

That said... we'll see how the next few weeks go, and revise as necessary. That's one of the nice things about having February be Journaling Month: the ability to look back and reflect. And hey! Maybe in eleven months I really will have managed to write more regularly, draw a little, learn a little Spanish, fix up my athletic routine so I stop injuring myself, acquire a social life, start dressing well and wearing makeup...

Jan. 8th, 2015

I am so bad at updating this thing on anything like a reasonable schedule XD

I've more or less dropped selkie lesbian romance.txt, though I'm still going back and poking at it every so often to remind my brain that it exists. I've gone back to working on something from early 2011. It was called Zither then. I'm really not sure what it ought to be called now, because that title is blatantly irrelevant now.

Incidentally, I put together my total fiction output for 2014 and it came out to ~348,000 words. Most of that's the first and second drafts of Brass & Bone, so there's some overlap in there. I'm not sure how much and I'm not going to go back and count. But the first and second drafts were dramatically different stories, so... yeah. I'm just going to count it. For self-motivation's sake. (Look, Internal Taskmaster, I did something! So get off my case already, willya?)

I think I want to make a "goals for 2015" post later. Not right now, because despite being just over a week into 2015 I'm really not sure what they are. But later.

Also, I have a smartphone now, so I can post pictures of my cat. Like you do.

Nov. 6th, 2014

So I got a job.

I swear to god the universe is playing some kind of huge joke on me, because I literally got this job by sitting in a coffeeshop typing. I was at Starbucks, typing away and trying to figure out where the selkie story goes, and this very nice woman approached me and asked me if I were a student, because she had a part-time job for a fast-typing student.

And, well, I'd been looking for something to do for about ten hours a week. So I said yes. And now I have a job.

In other news, I ended up restarting the selkie story. Not deleting what's already written, because I don't delete. But I did retitle it "selkie lesbian romance false start.txt" and start up in a new document. I think I'd managed to write 35k of backstory. Go figure.

Anyway. New progress bar.

2270 / 100000

Oct. 30th, 2014

Galway Kinnell dies at 87.

I actually have a volume of his poetry on my shelf. Which is saying something, since I left most of my books at my parents' house.

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So I got sick, and went to visit my two-year-old niece (while sick), and came back, and got very little written because of it. But now I am better, and I figured out the villain of this story.

(Unfortunately she appears to be a seventeen-year-old Goth girl in a literal ivory tower. But at least she exists. And maybe she'll grow out of the ravens and the roses in skulls.)


Soooo I just installed Semagic.

I think the nice thing about this is that it--ooh, it autocorrects, nifty--is that it'll let me save posts for future, meaning that if my Internets is spotty (as it frequently is) I can write the post anyway and update it later.

Also, it let me set my progress bar up as a macro. So all I gotta do now is enter in my wordcount and BOOM. As opposed to manually editing the HTML, which while not onerous is also not particularly fun.

Like so:

25673 / 100000

This probably represents enough time-wasting for one morning. Shower now, and then coffee.

Progress Notes

23824 / 100000

Averaging about 1800 words per day since I started writing on October 1. And man, that was a long three scenes. And the prose is awful. I think I'm starting to get glimmers of one of the subplots of this thing, though, and good thing too.

I wish I could know these things before I started writing them. I've got an outline--about ten pages long--but it feels like this ridiculously sketchy thing compared to what's actually happening. Fortunately I'm managing to stay just a little ahead of the plot as I write it, so I've got sketchy little summaries of the next few scenes written, and as I go along I stick them into something that'll probably end up being a little like a plot treatment. It's nerve-wracking, and I imagine there's going to have to be a lot of going back and fixing the pacing, but it seems to be how this thing wants to be written. So I write it that way.

It would be so much easier if I could see ahead to the end of the story, though.

Oh my god I have no idea what I'm doing

18428 / 100000

2549. Middle of the story is still sparse. Middle of the story is also rapidly approaching.


On the bright side, the two main characters finally meet up in... three scenes.



Progress Update

15879 / 100000

2644 words today, split between two scenes. One of the scenes is a ridiculously boring transitional thing and will probably have to be cut later. Oh well.

This story needs some characters besides the two mains and the antagonist. I mean, there are other characters, they're not existing in a total vacuum (that could be kinda interesting, actually) but none of them have stuck around for more than a scene or two.

...meh. I'll think about it tomorrow.
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